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Information for producers and importers of chemicals

In general safety data sheets (SDS) provide sufficient information about the chemical products for the poisoning centre to provide guidelines for treatment.
SDS’s need clear identifications of product name, manufacturing company and approximate concentrations of hazardous and non-hazardous substances in the product. In order to evaluate the risk of poisoning and give treatment recommendations, the Poisoning Information Centre needs to know, as precise as possible, the value of pH, general characteristics like color, smell, and physical form (solid, powder, granule, liquid, gas etc.), and the product information concerning the intent of a product.

So far, the Poison Information Center has received all of the reliable information directly from the producers/manufacturers who want to ensure the utmost safety of their customers. Companies may label their products with the emergency telephone number of the Estonian Poisoning Information Centre, tel. 16662 and we will be able to provide guidance in case of emergency cases. Adding the number 16662 is free of charge.
Please send the information by e-mail  info(at)

We pay your attention that Estonian Poisoning Information Centre performs risk assessments and offers guidelines for treatment in case of emergencies.

Hereafter please send your questions on chemicals in one of the following helpdesks as relevant: