Химические производители

The Poisoning Information Centre receives the necessary and reliable information from manufacturers and importers to advise on poisoning incidents to ensure maximum consumer safety.

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Following the Chemicals Act, manufacturers are required to provide information on the composition of chemicals classified as hazardous, including detergents and biocides to the Poisoning Information Centre of the Health Board. The information provided may be in either Estonian or English. Until 01.01.2021, manufacturers can submit their product information to the Poisoning Information Centre via email: info (at) 16662.ee (both for consumers and products intended for professional use).

Until 1th January 2024, safety data sheets may only be submitted to the Centre for mixtures intended for industrial use, which means that such mixtures may not reach mixtures intended for consumers or professional users.

NB! Please see all available information here.

Companies are advised to label their products with the Poisoning Information Centre’s number 16662, used in the event of an accident. In case required, the Poison Information Center will also provide the manufacturer with printable files of the 16662 logo.

You can send your questions about chemicals in one of the following helpdesks as relevant:

• REACH: reach@terviseamet.ee

• CLP: clp@terviseamet.ee

• Biocides: bpr@terviseamet.ee


Also, check out:

Guidance on REACH

Guidance on the CLP Regulation

Guidance on biocides legislation

Website of the Health Board -> Chemical Safety, Product Safety


NB! Coming soon

By 2020, ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) plans to launch the EuPCS database. More details can be found here and industry explanations are listed here, UFI code explanations can be found here, including the UFI code, or unique product identification code. Besides, you can view the corresponding webinar.

2019 has been an active year for launching the innovative portal and the beginning of the so-called transition period. With the launch of the new Chemicals Notification Portal, there is a so-called first transition period for this year - ie. 2019 is a large reconstruction and "pilot" period. The first highly anticipated phase arrived on April 24, 2019, when major European poisoning information centres were able to download information from this portal.

By the end of 2019, in light of the information available so far, all European centres should receive information in the online version. This means that the centres of small countries also have access. The entire transition period foreseen by the project is planned to last until 2025 when all information related to chemicals will be available on the new portal.

ECHA has all the webinars on YouTube as well as animations to explain how the new system will work. Watch the tutorial on UFI code and see the tutorial Notifying hazardous mixtures to poison centres: what you need to know.

 Companies need to know that once a company has submitted their product data to a new portal, it will be available to us from Novenber 2020 and you will no longer need to report additionally this information to the Poisoning Information Centre.


Cosmetic products

The Cosmetics Industry can provide information on products placed on the European Community market via the Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP). The portal is the result of cooperation between the European Commission, Member States' competent authorities, poison centres and industry.


The environment has a simple interface for entering information on products placed on the market and is available in all official languages ​​of the European Union. The portal is important first and foremost for poison information centres, enabling them to respond quickly to calls received when a cosmetic product is the cause of an accident. It will certainly also provide an opportunity for the competent national authorities to better organize market surveillance.